The fruitful artistic cooperation with Alamire Foundation

Czech-Flemish artistic collaboration
Flemish masters in Czech Music collections

In May 2022, Cappella Mariana presented a new recording: Johannes Tourout | Portrait of an imperial cantor which was recorded thanks to the intensive collaboration with Alamire Foundation. As an international study centre, the Alamire Foundation has set itself the goal of stimulating, coordinating and conducting academic and practical research. In doing so, it concentrates specifically on the music and music scene of the Low Countries, from the Middle Ages until 1800.

The mission and vision of the Alamire Foundation presuppose a dialogue between musicologists and musicians. Only by means of a joint venture between the university and the world of performance can the scientifically supported conversion of the music, as it is notated in the source, lead to performances of the compositions.

The cooperation will be presented to the Czech audience at the opening concert of autumn series of Baroque Soirées.

Johannes Tourout, Josquin Desprez,
Lupus Hellinck, Jacobus Regnart
10. 10. 2022 | 7.30 pm | St Agnes Monastery, Prague

In the impressive setting of the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, Cappella Mariana will present lesser-known Franco-Flemish composers, such as Johannes Tourout, Wulfaert Hellinck, and Pierre de Bonhomme, whose compositions are distinguished by their unexpected compositional mastery. Confirming the high level of domestic production, Czech composers will be represented in the programme by Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice and Jan Sixt of Lerchenfels.

The project of artistic cooperation builds on 20 years of cooperation between Flemish artists, the Collegium Marianum institution, the Summer Festivities of Early Music festival and the Delegation of Flanders in Czech Republic, resulting in unforgettable concerts presenting treasures of Flemish music from the 14th–18th centuries.