Honoured with highest reward by De Standaard Music Magazine

Honoured with highest reward by De Standaard Music Magazine (BE)

Early music fans, get ready for this new one from Cappella Mariana: no fusion or cross-over, no recomposition or impro, but counterpoint in its purest form. With a selection from the motets, chansons and masses by Johannes Tourout, the Czech ensemble gives a face to the sadly forgotten West-Fleming, who made it in the mid-15th century to the court chapel of Emperor Frederick III. It is hardcore Renaissance polyphony, with minuscule motifs swirling through the parts, well-balanced melodic lines and a succession of peaks of tension and moments of rest such as only a master dramatist can spread.

With voices such as that of Hana Blazikova, it is no surprise that the vocal collective scores douze points, but also the instruments - which lend a sensual undertone to the inherent melancholy of this kind of repertoire - are top notch. Pearl among pearls: Mais que ce fut secretement that manages to be both heartbreaking and catchy at the same time. (sta)

Hudební magazín De Standaard, 25 May 2022