Sacrum et Profanum


Sacrum et Profanum

Hana BLAŽÍKOVÁ | soprano
Barbora SOJKOVÁ | soprano
Daniela ČERMÁKOVÁ | alto
Vojtěch SEMERÁD | tenor
Tomáš LAJTKEP | tenor
Tomáš KRÁL | baritone
Jaromír NOSEK | bass
Jan ČIŽMÁŘ | chitarrone

Vojtěch SEMERÁD | artistic director

The timeless dialectic of the sacred and the secular has found myriads of expressions in fine arts, literature, and music alike. One of the most frequent images of this antithesis is the allegorical pair of Sacred and Profane Love. Sacred or divine love is mostly understood as spiritual or metaphysical love, as an expression of the supernatural bond between God and man. The profane or terrestrial love is traditionally conceived in terms of various forms of human affections.

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